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Thank you for choosing to pre-register your gTLD name(s) with the Domain Source. We are currently accepting applications for pre-registration with two different options. Our "Premier" option lets you make choose exactly when your domain is submitted. You can ensure that your domain name is oneoof the first that we submit so that nobody else can register your valuable domain before you. We highly reccomend our "Premier" option for all of the domain names that will be crucial to you or your buisness. We also offer a risk-free "Standard" first-come first serverd option. If your domain is not registered, you pay nothing.  To register your domain with the Domain Source, you will need to provide the following information:
  • Owner/Registrant Contact 
  • Technical Contact 
  • Billing Contact 
  • Requested Domain Name(s) 
  • DNS Server Information** 
  • Payment Information (MC/Visa/AmEx/Invoice) 

   The first 5000 spaces in the Domain Source queue will be individually auctioned to the highest bidders through an online auction.  If you have a high-value domain name that you want to register, this is the service that you need. The most valuable domain names will be registered within the first several thousand registration rounds in the CORE system, so make sure that you get the domain names you need.  The auction system allows you to determine what a domain name is worth to you. (The domain business.com recently sold for $150,000. Your domain could be worth just as much!)  (more infoRegister now!

   Standard submission places your domain in a first-come, first-served queue after our Premier and Priority registrations.  You only pay if your domain name is sucessfully registered, so there is absolutely no risk!  We currently have on of the shortest pre-registration queues, so you have the best possible chance of sucessfully registering your domain name with us. We reccomend this level for submission for names that are not critical to your business, but that you still want to protect.  Remember, most good names will go fast, so we reccomend Premier service for important domain names.  (more info)
Register now!

By pre-registering a domain with the Domain Source, you are stating that you agree with the policies outlined in our Terms and Conditions section. Understand that pre-registration does not guarantee you will receive the name you have requested, and Domain Bank reserves the right to reject inaccurate or incomplete submissions. Our registration fees vary according to the registration options you select. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, and personal checks via invoice. You will receive notification by e-mail if your registration application has been accepted for inclusion in our pre-registration queue for submission to CORE when registration officially opens in March 1998. 

** Enter the DNS Hostname/IP Address, if known. If you do not yet know this information, you may leave the default Domain Source values in place. 

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