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The Domain Source has ceased to accept new public clients as of June 2002. We will continue to serve our private clients and our existing customers. Please contact webmaster@domainsource.net with any questions about this policy or if you would like to apply for private client status.

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   Why spend endless hours searching the web for the best values in web hosting, when the Domain Source has done it already for you? The Domain Source has formed a partnership with several of the best web hosting providers, and can offer you the best values on the Internet. If you are a business site, we may even be able to offer you hosting (including unlimited traffic, 10 megabytes of disk storage, an e-mail autoresponder, unlimited forwarding, and CGI access) for as little as $5 per month!    Please contact us at domainsource@usa.net and we will determine which hosting plan is right for you, taking into account your budget and needs.

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