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   Please choose a form from the options below. Either way, we will enter your data in our registration queue as soon as we recieve it! Remember, submission is completely risk-free, you only pay if your domain name is sucesfully registered. The cost per sucessfull registration is only $100, with a $50 yearly database maintenance fee.
   We reccomend that you be creative in your domain naming, try to think of names that describe you, your product, or your service and pre-register them before it is too late! Unfortunetly, we can't guarantee that they will be sucesfully registered, somebody else may have submitted the domain name that you want ahead of you, or another CORE registrar may register it before us. Because of the great competition for common names, try to think of unique names for your domain. Thank you.

The Express form allows you to quickly pre-register your domain names without going into great technical detail. We assume that the administrative, technical, and billing contacts are all the same (you!), and that you want the simplest possible registration. Of course, you can always updatethis information later if you choose. Pre-register now!

The Custom form allows you to submit more technical information about your domain and use more complex options. With this form, the billing, administrative, and technical contacts can all be specified. In addition, options such as the 60-day trademark resolution waiting flag are available. Pre-register now!

By pre-registering a domain with the Domain Source, you are stating that you agree with the policies outlined in our Terms and Conditions section. Understand that pre-registration does not guarantee you will receive the name you have requested, and the Domain Source reserves the right to reject inaccurate or incomplete submissions. Our registration fees are $100 per sucessful registration. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. You will receive notification by e-mail if your registration application has been accepted for inclusion in our pre-registration queue for submission to CORE when registration officially opens in March 1998. 

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