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Sorry, we are no longer accepting new gTLD domain pre-registrations

Why has the Domain Source stopped accepting new gTLD domain pre-registrations?
The future of the gTLD systems is very unsure due to the reluctance of the US government to support any plan that would increase the number of Internet domain names available. The Domain Source decided that until the future of the system could be predicted more reliably, it would be in our customers' best interest to not accept any new gTLD domain registrations.

Are current pre-registrations being kept?
Yes! If you submitted your gTLD pre-registration before August 15, 1998, it is still in our risk-free queue and will remain there until we can either register gTLD your domain name for you or we can inform you that the gTLD system has been rejected. If you would like us to cancel a gTLD pre-registration order, please email support@domainsource.net and we will promptly remove it for you.

Will you ever accept new pre-registrations?
As soon as we see an increased likelihood of the gTLD system opening on time, we will begin accepting new gTLD pre-registrations. Because we are not currently accepting registrations, our pre-registration queue will be significantly shorter than others'. That will give you a greater chance of succesfully recieving the domain names you want.

Thank you very much for your patronage. Please be sure to explore other srevices we offer, including .COM, .ORG, and .NET domain name registration services, international domain registration services, trademark protection services, and site promotional services.

-The Domain Source
August 15, 1998


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