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The Domain Source has ceased to accept new public clients as of June 2002. We will continue to serve our private clients and our existing customers. Please contact webmaster@domainsource.net with any questions about this policy or if you would like to apply for private client status.

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   Register your domain name before it is too late! Over 30,000 domain names are registered every month - don't let somebody else get the domain name you need! The Domain Source can handle all aspects of registration of your .com, .net, and .org domain names. We will register your domain name, confirm succesful registration, and provide temporary DNS (domain name service) hosting so that you can get your site ready as fast as possible. All of this, including our complete technical support, for just $19.95*! In addition, we are currently offering free website promotion to all clients! Register your .com, .org, and .net names now! To register, just enter your domain name in the box below. (more info)

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This service is offline. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a private client.


Be creative! Who had ever heard the words "Yahoo" or "Netscape" before they became major internet brands?
Have you tried variations on your domain names?
Try .net or .org as well as .com - or register all three!
Is your family name still available? Your own name? Get it before someone else does!
Try using a dash "-" to seperate words in your domain name!
Use both general and specific words to describe your site - "JoesCarsDowntown.com" instead of just "JoesCars.com" or "DowntownCars.com"!

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* The InterNIC, the organization responsible for maintaining the central directory of domain names, will also charge you $35 per year in database maintenance charges. They will seperately invoice you for $70 to cover the first two years of domain database maintenace.
* Secure credit card processing handled by Internet Billing Company, Ltd.
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