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   The InterNIC, or Internet Network Information Center, is currently responsbile for all domain name registration in the .com, .net, and .org top level domains. They maintain the massive database that allows the World Wide Web to function. Their database contains information about every .com, .net, and .org domain on the Internet. When someone wants to go to a web site (for example: www.yourname.com), this massive database converts www.yourname.com into an address that a computer can understand (for example: Using this number, the computer can then find the right server to get the page that it needs.

   Every domain name has three crucial parts:
      The rightmost part is called the top level domain (or "TLD", or "top-level-domain", or "extension"). For The Domain Source, this is .net . The top level domain tells computers where to look to find out more information. For example, if an address had a .com or .net extension, the computer would look in the InterNIC database to find out where the server is. If an address had a .ca extension, that signifies that the domain is a Canadian domain and the computer would check the Canadian Network Information Center for more information. Each domain extension has a different purpose, .com domains are for just about anything, .net domains are generally for Internet services, .org domains are reserved for non-profit organizations, and .edu domains are for four-year degree granting colleges and universities.
      The middle part of a domain name ("domainsource") is known as the second level domain (or "SLD" or "second-level-domain" or "common name"). It refers to a specific computer or server within the Top Level Domain. The InterNIC registers second level domains to Internet users. You can register your second level domains here.
      The leftmost part of a domain name ("www") contains information about where on the server a file is located. In this case, it says that the pages for "domainsource.net" are located in section of the server that sends files to the world wide web ("www"). Other possibilities include "ftp.domainsource.net" and other personalizations "admin.domainsource.net". The InterNIC has nothing to do with this part of the domain name.

To register with the InterNIC, one must complete a series of complex forms and be prepared to provide detailed technical information. To save you trouble, the Domain Source will register your domain name for only $19.95**, including free submission of your website to over 400 search engines! Click here!

   One new development are the gTLD ("generic Top Level Domain") domain names. These names (".info, .web, .firm, .shop, .rec, .arts, and .nom") are going to be released to the Internet community soon in order to relieve crowding in the .com and .net Top Level Domain heirarchies. These domains will be admisitered by an 88 member Council of Registrars, instead of the InterNIC. You can pre-register these domain names with The Domain Source now! It will be imporant to reserve your domain names, because the best domain names will be registered as soon as the new Top Level Domains are released. Click here!

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** A $100 InterNIC fee may also apply, which will be billed directly by the InterNIC.

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